Take an audio-visual journey across the UK and explore how our industry and landscape is intertwined. A story about how industry has shaped our landscape, uniquely told from the perspective of Chinese artist, North of X.

North of X has travelled across the UK to record, sonically and visually, the machinery, both analog and digital, that shapes the land along with the natural landscape that lies alongside it. From Britain’s Industrial Revolution heritage to the industrial robotics of car manufacturing and the sublime scenery of Snowdonia and the Isle of Skye.

This audio visual performance interlinks the sounds and images into a cadenced depiction of what he saw. It features around 450 clips-the machines, landscapes, industry spaces, animations, and archive material-along with 13 different soundtracks. The electronic soundtracks are informed by the rhythms and loops of the machines and the land.

Part gig, part live art, part lm-your heart will pound, your hairs will tingle and your feet will move. Each machine has its own personality and its own story to tell, feel closer to our industrial heritage than you have ever done so before.

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The team

Director and sound designer: Lu Sisi / NORTH OF X

Director of Photography: Si Shen

Designer: Su Liang

Documentary filmmaker: Hu Tu

Producer: Stamp-House - Freya Murray (Director of Stamp-House - experienced project leader and arts producer) and Shihui Weng (Associate Producer for National Theatre of Scotland and Cultural Advisor - China, for Creative Scotland)

Selected review of 'The Age of Digital / Analogue' 

"Lu’s live-mixed footage showcased an eye for the sublimity and energy of industry matching Walter Ruttman in his modernist epicBerlin: Symphonie der Großstadt, making this performance .... a highlight of the weekend.” Aesthetica Magazine

“The cinematic production values are extremely high (...) All this is rendered in real-time against Lu’s pulsating music, which has an appropriately machine-like echo of Ryoji Ikeda’s most beats driven work.(....) He’s definitely one to watch, if he can resist the offers of advertising creatives, who must be gagging to get their hands on his luxurious images.” The Wire

“In Lu Sisi’s ‘The Age of Digital / Analogue’ familiar images-a printer, a textile factory — are transformed into something unsettling, even dystopian, thanks to the clever sampling of mechanical sounds” Financial Times

Live Visual Still / Photo

The Making of...